Tuesday 22 October 2013

'Thakti Nahin Kavita', Translated To English - Poetry Does not Tire

Written by Anil Singh

Dr. Atul Sharma is a well known name in Dehradun. He has penned many poems and novels in Hindi language. His words have a distinct feel and taste of Uttarakhand -- its mountains, rivers, beliefs, struggles and aspirations -- sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly. During the Uttarakhand State Creation agitations, his poems motivated many.

Some months ago, one of his books of poems, 'Thakti Nahin Kavita', was translated into English, with the title, Poetry Does Not Tire. The book is translated by a Doonite -- Mr. Upendra Chandel and is dedicated to Late Shri Udai Singh 'Kaka Bhai', a Corporator and a resident of Ajabpur.

Poetry Does Not Tire spans 74 pages of thought provoking poetry; touching not only the aesthetics and pain of Uttarakhand, but also the rustlings of human existence. For instance, read below the one titled, 'The Girl’:

The Girl

Girls are preparing for Examination
Their eyes in books
And Mind in Baking Rice

On School/more than their homes
And more than heir school
Moving on roads
Reading different guilty looks

The girl preparing for every Test
Continuously being matured

Pass or Fail
The girl crossing
All the constraints
Is preparing for examination.

A poem titled, Speaking World- A Revolution on Move, makes vivid October 2, 1994 to those who were present on that day at Narsan, Muzaffarnagar.

Poetry Does Not Tire is a great attempt taking Hindi literature to the English readers; particularly those who like to be rooted to Uttarakhand.

Acknowledging the fact that translating poetry is not an easy task; the translation manages to retain the feel and sense of the poems. There are some spelling mistakes though, which we hope the publisher will correct in coming reprints. The book is published by Rama Prakashan, Dehradun and costs Rs. 75.

Do buy it and Read it slowly for the next 3 months; one poem every couple of days.

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