Monday 17 February 2014

New Book: Uttarakhand Nibandha Hridaya -- A Book of Essays About Uttarakhand

Written by Anil Singh

New Book about Uttarakhand Hits the Bookstores. Named, Uttarakhand Nibandha Hridaya -- A Book of Essays About Uttarakhand, the book is a decent offering.

On February 03, 2014 at 2:34 PM I received a phone call from a guy. His name was Miteshwar Anand. The purpose of the call was informing me about his first book: Uttarakhand Nibandha Hridaya -- A Book of Essays About Uttarakhand.

When I asked him why a Book of essays about Uttarakhand?

He replied:

Much has happened in Uttarakhand in the past one decade. This means that any person who wants to present himself or herself informed on the various aspects of Uttarakhand, needs a quick refresher course on various statistical numbers regarding Uttarakhand with a free flowing commentary. Under this light, an essay compilation on various aspects, challenges facing Uttarakhand and the growth so far, becomes a necessity. Hence the Book.

Mr. Miteshwar Anand was particular that I read the book, before I make any opinion about it. This guy really means business. No nonsensical callousness on his part.

By February 05, 2014 I received the book.

I completed the book on February 16, and today I'm writing about it.

Uttarakhand Nibandha Hridaya -- A Book of Essays on Uttarakhand

Publisher: Burans Prakashan

Language : Hindi

The book on Uttarakhand essays spans 124 pages.

There are 22 Essays divided in Four Parts.

The four parts are namely:

Khand-1 (part 1): Uttarakhand Ki Visheshtayein (Characteristics of Uttarakhand)
Khand-2 (part 2): Apada, Vikas va Paryavaran sambandhi samasyaein aur Chunautiyan (Problems and Challenges regarding Calamities, Growth and Environment)
Khand-3 (part 3): Vartaman aur bhavishya sambandhi samasyaein, chunautiyan aur sambhawanayein (Problems, Challenges and Possibilities of Present and Future)
Khand-4 (part 4): Vividh (Miscellaneous Topics)

There are special appendices on 2013 Uttarakhand Floods and Census 2011.

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About the Author:

Miteshwar Anand or Miteshwar Anand Gaur belongs to village Sundauli Haldukhal, nainidanda block, Pauri Garhwal. After his schooling from Pauri, he graduated from DU in Economics and International Trade. He did an MBA (PGDBM) from Welingkar Institute of Management Mumbai.

He worked for Reliance Industries and Nokia Siemens in the past. Currently he's preparing for Civil Services. He has made it to the interviews of  UKPSC PCS 2010 and is currently busy brushing up his facts and awareness about Uttarakhand, Country and World.

He's an avid biker, with fine interest in reading, writing, and travelling.

Book Review:

The first thing which strikes about the book is the language. The writer has written very good Hindi.

The book quotes wide range of resources and hence looks well researched.

Overall a great book to get an overall grasp of Uttarakhand in a few days. A great resource for anyone who is preparing from competitive exams for Uttarakhand Government jobs.

What the Book lacks:

Female foeticide or Killing of Girl child in mother's womb is an alarming problem of Uttarakhand. The author has touched the issue under declining sex ratio in the essay on Women empowerment. It would have been great, if an entire essay giving the proportion of the Girl slaying in various districts of Uttarakhand was included. That apart, the book sometimes looks too much hyperbole (in hindi means Mahimamandan). Hyperbole definitely doesn't go well, when literal blood shed of girl child is taking place in Uttarakhand.

Apart from that the book more or less does justice in informing the readers about the problems and challenges facing Uttarakhand at present and in future.

Conclusion: Do read this book of Essays About Uttarakhand  


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