Tuesday 4 March 2014

IGNOU June 2014 TEE Assignments | Download

Written by Anil Singh

IGNOU has uploaded the assignments for IGNOU June 2014 TEE for various programmes including the Management Programme or MBA programme. The  Assignments for all the IGNOU programmes for january 2014 Semester can be downloaded from the IGNOU Assignments page given below : IGNOU June 2014 TEE Assignments i.e. IGNOU Assignments for January 2014 Semester, the TEE for which will take place from June 01, 2014 ---> Click Here

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The last Date to submit the IGNOU assignments without late fee for June 2014 TEE is March 31, 2014. In case March 31, 2014 is a holiday, then the last date for submitting the IGNOU assignments and the IGNOU June 2014 TEE examination form will be the immediate working day after the above mentioned last date.

Previous Semester's submitted IGNOU Assignments, can't be submitted for the next IGNOU Semester TEE

If you have written the IGNOU December 2013 TEE Assignments; but had not submitted them at that time at your study Centre; then note that you will have to make the IGNOU assignments for the same papers for IGNOU June 2014 TEE as well. And for that kindly download the IGNOU June 2014 TEE Assignments and make them once again. You can't submit the same Dec 2013 TEE assignments now.

What must be the right approach regarding submission of IGNOU Assignments

The wisdom applies to your entire IGNOU study period. If you prepare IGNOU Assignments, submit them before the last date, in the same semester the assignments are meant for. Don't worry whether you don't plan to appear in Term End Exams. In case you don't appear in the exam you will be shown Absent. And that'll not hurt; as you won't have to remake the Assignment again. As IGNOU Assignments once submitted are valid for your entire study period at IGNOU. If you like this article share it on Facebook, Twitter , and else where so that we get an idea of what is useful to you. And make such content in future.

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