Saturday 10 May 2014

Submit IGNOU Assignment First, Then Appear For IGNOU Exam

Written by Anil Singh

IGNOU Students often ask a Question : Can I appear in say, IGNOU June 2014 TEE , and submit the Assignments later, that's say the Assignments meant for December 2014 TEE or Semester? Here's the Answer : IGNOU Rule : Submit IGNOU Assignment First, Then Appear For IGNOU Exam. The above Rule is not very difficult to understand. In simple Words, the following conditions must be fulfilled to appear in IGNOU TEE Examination : The IGNOU Assignments for the papers you're appearing in, must have been submitted before the Exam. These Assignments can either be submitted in the same Semester or earlier. IGNOU Assignment, IGNOU, IGNOU TEE, Dec 2014 TEE  , June 2014 TEE, Term End ExamThat's say, you plan to appear in IGNOU December 2014 TEE, then if you have not submitted the IGNOU Assignment of the paper you're appearing in, before, then you have to submit the IGNOU Dec 2014 Assignment of that paper. In Case you have submitted the assignment for the said paper earlier, and the Assignment Status shows Complete* but you didn't appear in the IGNOU Exam. Then you can appear in that exam in any IGNOU TEE. As IGNOU Assignments once submitted and Passed, are valid for the entire IGNOU Course Duration you have enrolled in , including Re-registrations. Say you submitted IGNOU Assignment for a subject in June 2013 TEE or Dec 2013 TEE or June 2014 TEE (Term End Examination) or Semesters, but didn't appear in TEE exam (remained absent in the exam or didn't filled the Examination Form), then the Assignment if passed will be valid for your entire Course period. And you can appear for that paper anytime you like. As per your comfort. In short, it's valid to submit assignments while not submitting Examination Form or not appearing in examination. But Distance Education or Distance learning or Open University wisdom says that it's wise not to postpone things . Remember most students are not able to earn degree, diploma from IGNOU , as they keep procrastinating things to future. Consequence of not submitting IGNOU Assignments before taking IGNOU Term End Exam If you take Exam without submitting the respective IGNOU assignment, then your result can be blocked. IGNOU Regional Centers do keep accepting the IGNOU Examination forms, hoping that the student will submit the assignments before appearing in the Exam. Hence, if the student doesn't submit the promised assignments, then he/she will have to take that exam again, as the rule says : Submit IGNOU Assignment First, Then Appear For IGNOU Exam. * If you don't make IGNOU assignment properly, you can fail in Assignments as well. This Fail status in IGNOU is referred to as 'Incomplete'. Incomplete Status in IGNOU Assignments means you have to resubmit the Assignment again.

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