Wednesday 1 October 2014

Helmet mandatory for both drivers, pillion riders in Uttarakhand

Written by Anil Singh

From today, pillion riders in Uttarakhand will have no option but to wear helmets. A pillion rider is the person who sites behind the driver. Obviously, there can one or more pillion riders behind the two wheeler rider. A good step in the direction of pillion safety, who are equally at risk, if not more, in the event of an accident. In certain road accidents where the pillion rider is caught non-alert (in the event of the two wheeler suddenly losing balance), the risk is more to him/her.

The helmet mandatory for pillion rider (s) in Uttarakhand came after a recent Uttarakhand High Court order, where it made mandatory for both drivers and pillion riders to wear helmets from October 1. The offenders will be fined Rs 100. After the rule comes into force, anyone who's a pillion rider will have to wear helmets. It is learnt that those who do not properly close their helmet straps will also be fined.

To ensure the compliance of the new rule, the Uttarakhand police have formed special teams in all 13 districts to go after the violators from day one.

Interestingly the only pillions made exception to this rule are Sikhs wearing turbans. The Exception made for Sikhs wearing turbans can be understood. Don't know whether Sikh women are excused or not. Surprisingly or funnily enough, the Sikh Women and Girls are exempted from wearing a helmet while on pillion seat in Chandigarh. And who knows, may be elsewhere as well. Does that mean Sikh females have a stronger head?
To popularize the new rule, the Uttarakhand police have also planned put up advertisements across the state capital.

It's obvious that people will now be seen scampering to shops to buy helmets. But lets not make it a criticism point, describing the new rule as Government's nexus with the helmet sellers. Ideally, a two-wheeler buyer must buy helmets, boh for him/her and pillion, the day the two-wheeler is bought. But unfortunately a large number of two wheeler buys see it a waste of money. Compelling the Uttarakhand HC to made the helmet wearing a mandatory act for two-wheeler riders.

To conclude, a helmer is for the safety of the person. That's why one must put safety before aesthetics. Small, decorative helmets to avert any fines, is not the bets options. Especially in the event of an accident.


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