Wednesday 1 October 2014

IGNOU Assignments submission process

Written by Anil Singh

IGNOU Assignments submission process. That is every thing from ignou assignment submission process, importance of ignou assignments etc.It's sometimes difficult for new IGNOU students to understand the IGNOU Tutor Marked Assignments(TMA) or if said simply, IGNOU assignments. IGNOU Assignments are linked to various papers (subjects) in an IGNOU programme. A student has to hand write and submit them in his/her Study Center. A student can appear in term end examination only after submitting the respective assignment. The assignments are called Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA) because they are evaluated by the tutors in the IGNOU Study center. The marks are later sent to IGNOU University, Delhi. IGNOU Assignments help students continuously evaluate their understanding while studying the study material. Better marks or Grade in an assignment means better grasp of the study material.

How To Submit IGNOU Assignments or IGNOU TMAs?

  IGNOU Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA) or IGNOU Assignments can be sent or submitted in person or through the student's representative to the concerned study center. IGNOU Assignments are instruments of self estimation for students. Hence a students is advised to collect the evaluated assignments along with the assessment sheet (Evaluator Comment Sheet) from the study centre, once the assignments are checked and the marks are updated on the Grade Card. Last date to Submit of IGNOU Assignments without Late Fee IGNOU students often ask about the Last Date of submitting IGNOU assignments without late fee. The question is WRONG. The last date, with or without late fee, applies only to the submission of IGNOU TEE (Term End Exam) Form. Because an assignment must be submitted before applying for the respective subject's Examination, hence students confuse the last date of submitting examination form with the last date to submit an IGNOU assignment. Although the Last date of submitting an assignment is mentioned on the front page of each assignment, it's usually 31st March for June TEE and 30th September for December TEE. If a student wants to submit assignment only (without TEE Examination Form), then he/she can submit it till April 30th for June TEE and October 31st for December TEE.

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