Thursday 13 November 2014

No Backlog concept for IGNOU TEE

Written by Anil Singh

Many a times IGNOU learners ask: Can I appear in my second year or next semester papers/credit/subjects, when I have not cleared all or some of the papers from the previous year or semesters? IGNOU TEE backlog : There is no such backlog provision for IGNOU Term end Exam papers.The question is important. Here's the Answer: In IGNOU there's no such thing as backlog. You can appear in future papers even when some (or all) of your previous semester papers are incomplete (or have not Passed). Only condition one must fulfil to appear in a TEE is the registration for the said paper and the submission of the respective IGNOU assignment. If these these two criteria are fulfilled, then one can appear in the TEE, irrespective of the status of the papers from previous year or semester.

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