Friday 5 December 2014

Indira Hridayesh cannot Tell Parents to Protect their minor Children

Written by Anil Singh

Yesterday, Uttarakhand Finance Minister Indira Hridayesh made an unnecessary statement. She asked parents to draw lessons from the rape and murder of a minor in Haldwani, and appealed to them to keep an eye on their minor children, if they take them to wedding ceremonies.

To quote, Ms Hridayesh, who Hridyesh, who represents Haldwani in the state assembly, said,
“The police cannot be everywhere all the time to provide security to your children. The marriage season is on these days and wedding parties usually go on till late in the night. You must keep an eye on your children if you take them to such ceremonies,” 

You will ask why the statement was unnecessary?

As it doesn't give a sense of security to the people.

Ms. Hridayesh may have said so overwhelmed by her woman or maternal instincts, but still the statement was unnecessary. When a person is in the position of authority, he/she must speak something which restores faith of people in the Government. Everyone knows that the resources are always scarce in a 125 crore country, but that doesn't mean people not to have a sense of security.

The statement is unnecessary on another ground as well, it gives the police the excuse to take their duty casually.

Law and order, Safety, teaching etc. are specialised professions. That's they need specialists for their performance. Many parents have higher education, that doesn't mean they can teach better than a trained teacher. In the same way, even most attentive of parents can't protect their child, the way a police personnel can.

Hence Ms Hridayesh's statement was totally unnecessary.

Her orders to police chiefs and district magistrates to step up security around marriage venues with installation of CCTV cameras to track suspicious movements and activities, was alright. Her assurance to the people that the culprits have been put behind the bars and will be tried in a fast-track court, was alright as well.


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