Thursday 4 December 2014

Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank declares Astrology more Scientific than Science!

Written by Anil Singh

Speaking in Parliament Yesterday, BJP MP from Haridwar Ramesh Pokhriyal aka Nishank (one who has gone above every doubt) declared Astrology more Scientific than Science. He reasoned: That's why compared with Science, Astrology has more followers around the world.

To support his utterances, Mr. Pokhriyal made reference of an ancient Indian sage who he believed invented atomic bomb. He further made reference to Lord Ganesha as an example of advanced resurrective surgery, where an elephant's head was put on a human torso. He didn't stop at that and validated the comparison of Modi to God.

Don't know how to react with such declarations. My only question is : Who will a person first go to, if a loved one gets ill or gets injured? A doctor or an astrologist?

That apart, barring a few individuals, most individuals inhabiting this planet will attribute their survival to Science. The question is not whether Astrology is capable or not. The question is not whether Ancient India was at the zenith of (Top of) cloning, resurrection or quantum physics. The Question is: Is Parliament the right podium to speak about all that?

Last but not the least: It's unfortunate, a representative of more than 10 Lakh people, wastes valuable time, comparing a mortal human being with a God. He must use the same time to serve the people. The best way to do that is to raise people issues. Why bother about Astrology, Ancient India and blah blah...


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