Monday 20 April 2015

Rubi Chowdhary Fake IAS in Jail … Why only Her?

Written by Anil Singh

Ever since Rubi Chowdhary “Fake IAS inside Lal Bahudur Shastri Administration Academy, Mussoorie” came to prominence, one thing remained unclear.

Why not not a single person from LBSAA Administration got detained or charge-sheeted?, that too when Rubi Chowdhary was living in the Academy for the past six months.

No one is saying why Police arrested Rubi. The question is: Why Police didn't arrest even a single person from LABSAA Administration?

The way Rubi Chowdhary Fake IAS case is being handled, it appears more aimed at intimidating Rubi Chowdhary.

What does Police want to prove? That Rubi Chowdhary is one person Army, who can get everything she wants for her stay at Country’s top Administrative Academy.

It’s amazing how Rubi managed to get fake ID cards, IAS probationers’ book kit and is even seen among Probationers in the Photo with President of India.

Ideally LABSAA should have suspended some of its officials, for suspicion of having any links to the issue. This would have ensured transparent investigation. How can anyone get transparent deal, when suspected people are still holding the chairs.

If police can put Rubi Chowdhary in jail, then they can ask for preventive detention of the suspected LABSAA officials as well. This would have ensured no undue influence and tempering with the evidence. This can be never be ensured, if such officials remain in their chair.

Police is seeing the case from one perspective only.


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