Wednesday 29 July 2015

Safe rescue of Kidnapped Child from Rishikesh... and Questions Every Parent must ask!

Written by Anil Singh

It's good to hear that the Uttarakhand Police managed to rescue the kidnapped 13 year old from Rishikesh. Hats off to the Police for their effort.

And with this the debate about the Child's kidnapping ends! ... Right? No. As, the incident itself has much for the society to think about. No, we don't need to think about the kidnappers and their motives. As such criminal elements will always be present in any society.

We need to think about the child, and the children in general.

As adults, we must ask ourselves questions, which unfortunately, we are not ready to answer.

According to the newspaper reports and police accounts, the child here was friends with everyone, a 13 year old must not. Including his kidnappers. His friend, who was a student of class 9th; and who unfortunately can't be saved; chalked out the entire scheme to get his friend kidnapped.

The kidnapped child used to have his personal motorized two wheeler and a mobile phone; when the Law very well states that the minimum age to ride any motorized vehicle is 18 years.

What is more important -- Material Success or becoming a Law Abiding citizen?

This simple question, every parent must ask.

What is the motivation behind handing over a motorcycle or a motorized Two wheeler to a school going kid?

Save time for Studies?
Prevent the child from manual exhaustion?

What is the reason?

What is wrong with the Good old bicycle?

What kind of childhood 'Parents of Today' had when they were children?

Much walking, cycling, running... right?

Had that stress on their bodies (Parents), made them less successful? OR if said in other words, Had people from that period not succeed in their lives?

Please Think about it...

There are reasons why children are not given money liberally (without questioning). Or are not provided for everything they wished for or demanded.

One reason is: As children, they don't have the discretion on how to spend money on constructive purposes. Another reason is: Only when a person earns money himself/herself, he/she realizes the worth of it. As a matter of fact: Anyone can spend money with both hands, which he/she never earned himself.

The same applies to a motocycle or any motorized vehicle before legal age of 18 years. The same applies to a cellphone or mobile phone or a branded clothing. The child fails to realize the importance of money, and how difficult it's to earn a single rupee.

If a school going child rides the good old bicycle or walks to school or tutions; he/she remains grounded. This simplicity not only makes him/her respect money & elders... but also makes him/her a Law abiding citizen as an adult.


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