Saturday 4 June 2016

Allow a Tree grow on your House or Over-shadow your Field?... Doiwala, Dehradun

Written by Anil Singh

Coming straight to the point, Who among us will allow a Peepal tree or for that matter any tree germinate into a full grown tree on our houses? ... Who among us will allow a tree over-shadow (cast a shadow) our fields?

The answer is easy.

Majority of us Will NOT.

So what is the big deal in a farmer cutting those branches of a peepal tree which cast shadow over his field?

It's easy to make everything a question of faith, but making anything and everything a question of faith is wrong.

Even where Law stops us from cutting trees, trees are already being cut to widen roads and make space for concrete. Many of these trees were majestic peepal groves, which were being worshiped for decades. But still no one stopped the mighty axe there... Why? For the sake of development.

The harmony between human beings is much more important than widened roads and sky-scrapers. Lets not risk that harmony. Religions are just the outer clothing. Beyond religion, we all are the same... mortals made up of same flesh and blood.

Lets forget, whether a tree is worshiped or not.

The simple question to ask is: Who among us will allow a Tree grow on his/her House; or a tree on his/her neighbour's field, courtyard or public road Over-shadow his/her Field or courtyard?

The answer is obvious.

Thus, before fighting on the name of faith, try to be in that person's position...

Yes, I'm referring to what took place in Doiwala, Dehradun, day before yesterday.


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