Friday 9 June 2017

Contract Teaching Jobs by Uttarakhand Government | Plain Bad Idea

Written by Anil Singh

Ever since this website came into existence, we have had a consistent view on the Contract jobs in Government sector. Our view is : The Contract jobs by a Government are a bad idea.

A Government should see itself as an ideal employer. An ideal employer is one which not only pays adequate salary, but also provides economic security for future. The qualities which can only be met through permanent employment.

If a Government starts employing people on contractual basis, then it not only wastes valuable time of the employee; it also encourages the private sector to employ people on parasitic wages (wages which are small and provide no financial security). 

Hence when we read reports about the new Uttarakhand Government's plan to recruit new teaching staff in Government schools on a contractual basis, we felt sad.

Irrespective of the Government reasoning, hiring teachers on contractual basis can never improve the quality of education in Government schools. The action will only result in mediocre and below average talent taking up the teaching profession. 


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