Monday 17 July 2017

5 steps to save yourself from ATM Card Cloning

Written by Anil Singh

For the past couple of days, newspapers are publishing reports about ATM Card cloning frauds taking place in mainly in Dehradun. But as an ATM card user you must not panic too much. Instead, you must follow certain steps to to save yourself from ATM Card Cloning. Following these simple steps will safeguard you from being victim of an ATM Card Cloning fraud.

What is ATM Card cloning fraud?

Criminals are withdrawing money from people's bank accounts by using the technique of ATM Card Cloning.

How ATM Card Cloning takes place

There are three steeps to ATM Card cloning. Note that you must not worry too much about "How an ATM card is cloned at an ATM Machine". You will simply focus on the steps you must take to save your ATM or Debit card from being cloned.  To clone an ATM Card, the criminals perform three steps:

1) The criminals mount (attach over) their own ATM Card swipe slot over ATM machine's slot. By doing this, they are able to copy the data recorded over on ATM card magnetic stripe. 

2) The conceal (hide) a camera just above the ATM keypad. This camera records the ATM PIN fed on the keypad.

3) The criminals transfer the information and the PIN to a new ATM Card. That's they make a clone (or identical duplicate copy of it). Then they use the clone ATM card to withdraw money from any ATM across India.

5 Steps to save yourself from ATM Card Cloning

1) Pay attention to the ATM Card slot. If you suspect any slot mounted over it, then don't use your ATM Card. Inform the Security guard present. Tell others of your suspicion.

2) Hide the ATM Keypad with your left hand palm(or other hand) while putting your ATM PIN. 

3) Make it habit of changing your ATM PIN once in a couple of months. You can change your ATM PIN after every sizable transaction place in your bank account. That's if you receive large amount of money or if your bank account usually houses large amount of money.

4) Don't use very old debit cards. Apply for new ones.

5) Do not use ATM machines at desolate spots or those with no security guard.


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