Wednesday 27 September 2017

An IAS providing Free Medical Consultancy To The Poor may have Negative Effect

Written by Anil Singh

I do agree that too much nit-picking is bad. Particularly when an act broadly appears to be a benevolent one. But the nit-picking (in Hindi "Baal Ki Khaal nikalna") becomes reasonable, when it's done to bring to light the broader negative impact of the act.

A 2010 IAS Officer, Iqbal Ahmad, a trained doctor (MBBS), reported to be currently working as a district magistrate of the Champawat district, Uttarakhand, is taking an hour out daily from his busy schedule to provide Free Medical Consultancy To The Poor at a district hospital.

As said, on the face value such acts appear laudable, but a District Magistrate providing free medical consultancy to the poor does't have a broader positive impact on the Healthcare services provided by the State (Government). Such acts are praiseworthy, but to have better State run Healthcare services we need more funds, better infrastructure, better trained doctor-patient ratio, compliance etc. Rather than providing free medical assistance to the poor, the Administrative Officer, must be working on ensuring better infrastructure, compliance etc. 

That apart, such acts can discourage those (doctors, and other medical staff) who are directly responsible for ensuring the effective running of these services. For obvious reasons.


2 constructive comments:

  • Unknown says:
    3 October 2017 at 18:51

    You write here all negative and discouraged things. You want to say we have to wait for better infrastructure etc. Tab tak patient Marta rahe. DM IAS will be there only for 1-2 year.
    Your advice is not in his hand. You should give that advice to State government and health Ministry. DM is doing what he have to do his best.

  • Anil Singh says:
    4 October 2017 at 08:36

    @Himalaya India

    What you see as negative is actually positive. If everyone has 24 hours in a day, then the basic objective must be to utilize those 24 hours on your core responsibility. A DM's responsibility is to administrate. Providing free medical consultation to the poor is a plain waste of time. Hope you understand this basic wisdom.

    Thanks, regards