Saturday 5 May 2018

Prominent Hindi Newspaper devotes 2 Full pages to Astrology Event!

Written by Anil Singh

Some weeks ago, a prominent Hindi newspaper of Uttarakhand devoted two full pages for reports, opinions about an astrology event that took place in Dehradun. 

That was unworthy of any newspaper which markets itself as one concerned about people's issues and problems. 

Some of you, may see this observation with extreme dislike. But any newspaper which thinks itself as one serving the people, must NOT devote that many pages to a subject such as 'Astrology'. In fact, it must not devote any space to report such events. If the organizers want their event to be promoted, then they must buy ads on the newspaper. Such advertisements must be properly tagged as "Ads". The newspaper must also self regulate about the percentage of space it must devote to Ads. Pages and pages of advertisements of any kind serves no good to any reader.

Talking about astrology. It is still not a science. Those who want to see it as one, are welcome to do so. But it is not. Astrology (or "jyotish" in Hindi) at best can be seen as a very personal and private preference. Those who want to believe in it, can do it in private. It is surely NOT a newspaper's responsibility to establish Astrology among public.



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