Friday 8 June 2018

Defense purchase and Price increase CANNOT be compared!

Written by Anil Singh

Many people are linking Defense Purchase (in Hindi, "Raksha Khareed") with Petrol, diesel, food, vegetables etc. price increase.

The logic of these people is simple -- People must happily pay Rupees 3-2 more on diesel or petrol, because the money is going to strengthen the army.

Sadly, their logic is plain wrong.

It is wrong to justify price hike (price increase) in petrol, diesel, food, essential services, education or entire cost of living, in the name of defense purchase.

The two are totally different topics. Hence, no rational person (in Hindi, "Sochne wala") will say I will happily pay Rupees 2 more on diesel or petrol because the money is going to strengthen the army.

Only a person having a well paying job, Government job or good pension/ economic security after retirement can say so.

For others, such as unemployed youth, young people and others employed at very low salaries in private sector, comparing defense purchase and price increase is meaningless. Their day to day lives have enough challenges. Plus, every person is duty bound to think about how such price rise will pinch the person economically lower than him.


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