Tuesday 21 August 2018

IGNOU TEE Form submission | Important 6 Points

Written by Anil Singh

Finer points are often ignored by many IGNOU students during IGNOU TEE Form submission. Here are 6 points to note while submitting IGNOU Term End Examination form.

  1. You can apply for only those courses/papers which you are registered for: Many students forget to check whether they are registered for the IGNOU TEE paper/course they are applying for. If you are not registered for a course then you cannot appear important points to note before IGNOU TEE Form submission. Such as whther ignou registration for said course is active or not, ignou assignment is submitted or not, maximum number of courses on can apply in a single TEE, role of ignou assignment submission in IGNOU TEE Form submission etc.in that course's TEE. You cannot submit the assignment for said paper either. This is a common mistake during IGNOU TEE Form submission. So first check whether you are registered for the course/paper Here.
  2. IGNOU assignments are valid for entire programme duration: For instance if you have taken admission in IGNOU MBA, then the assignments submitted anytime during MBA and passed are valid for entire MBA Programme duration. Check Your IGNOU Assignment status Here.
  3. IGNOU registration is valid for certain duration: Usually 2 years. If an IGNOU student fails to clear the course during that period, then he has to re-register for the said course.
  4. Assinments must be submitted before applying for IGNOU TEE: If an IGNOU student wants to appear in TEE or theory paper, then he/she must first submit the respective assignment only then the student is eligible for IGNOU TEE Form submission for the said course.
  5. Don't wait for your IGNOU TEE's results: Sometimes the results of some courses of the last term end examination are still not declared. In that case, fill the examination form for the upcoming TEE before the last date of TEE form submission.
  6. Maximum number of papers/courses you can appear in an IGNOU TEE: For most programmes (eg. MBA) it is 8 papers per IGNOU TEE. So do not ignore TEEs, hoping that you would appear in all 16 courses in one IGNOU TEE, is NOT possible.
Keep in mind the above 6 points before submitting your IGNOU TEE form. Ignoring any of the above points may result in wastage of IGNOU TEE course fee. It will be a wastage of time as well!

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