Thursday 7 March 2019

Look at Defense Forces, Paramilitary Forces families in Uttarakhand First... Then shout WAR!

Written by Anil Singh

As we know, Uttarakhand sends a lot of soldiers to the Indian Armed Forces. The state has unique distinction of having entire regiments --- Garhwal and Kumaon Regiments --- in its name. There are more than one lakh soldiers currently serving in the defense forces

The connect between Uttarakhand and Indian Armed forces doesn't end there.

According to State Government data,

While there are more than 1.2 lakh ex-servicemen in Uttarakhand, there are 34,675 widows of defense personnel in the State. Then there are Lakhs of family members of those currently serving and ex-service men in Uttarakhand.

In addition, many from Uttarakhand and residents serve in Indian paramilitary forces. Whenever there are causalities in civic, terror, natural disaster, accidents and other unrest in the country; the paramilitary personnel from Uttarakhand also make sacrifice.

So in this light, even when Armed forces job or a paramilitary job is just a career choice --- We cannot afford to wish a war.

We cannot afford to shout --- War is the solution.

With so many defense personnel and paramilitary families in Uttarakhand; it is irresponsible to wish for a war.

We must wish for peace.

If war becomes inevitable then no Government can avoid that. And in that case, even our wish for a peace will not divert a War.

But as people we must NOT shout "lets go to war" from our offices, drawing rooms, classrooms or Tea-stall debates. Let the Govt. decide that.

War must be the last resort, as it wipes out soldiers and people alike, without much distinction.

Young people can understand this article. Even if others can't.


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