Friday 22 July 2011

Get Ready for Law courses from IIMs

Written by Anil Singh

In a first of its kind experiment for IIMs, Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Shillong is thinking to introduce courses in law. The course modules are being discussed at present and aspects like, a one-year diploma or a two-year masters course are being explored.

IIM Shillong is also in talk with a prominent law university for rolling out this courses and memorandum of understanding with the university will be given formal shape soon.

IIM Shillong, took the cue for this unique courses from Germany, where such courses are quiet popular.

The premier Management institution, feels that the course will be useful for judicial officers and managers. Stressing on the utility of the course to managers, the ace institute underlines that there are people in both private and public sector who want to have working knowledge regarding the law of the land especially commercial and business law. On the other hand, there are many judicial officers working for corporates and want to understand the management principles.

The new course will be aimed to cater to both these groups.

The officials privy to plan, feel that one year diploma in law will click with aspirants in India, as such courses are doing well in foreign countries.

IIM Shillong has yet to finalize the intake of the students (number of seats) for this course. Although, the management institute believes the course to be useful to even graduates in law and business.

The move by IIM, Shillong, is praiseworthy, as there’s shortage of law colleges in India. Those who want to have career in law have to opt for mediocre or below mediocre law colleges.

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