Saturday 16 July 2011

Shiksha Mitra in Uttarakhand to receive two year DIPLOMA IN LEARNING EDUCATION or DLEd

Written by Anil Singh

It appears, the Government will keep on dragging Shiksha Mitra in Uttarakhand on one pretext or the other. The latest regarding Shiksha Mitra in Uttarakhand is that the Government is planning to provide the training of DIPLOMA IN LEARNING EDUCATION or DLEd, through distance education to various SHIKSHA MITRA working in the various Government schools at present. DLEd is seen as a BTC equivalent for Shiksha Mitra in Uttarakhand.

As of now, it’s only known that the duration of the DLEd will be 2years and the Minimum percentage will be – 50% in higher secondary or twelfth (for general) and 45% for reserved categories. A minimum of two years teaching experience in government or recognized school, would be compulsory. Practicals would be arranged in the summer and winter vacations.

NOTE: DLEd will be for those 2374 Shiksha Mitra who are currently teaching at various government schools.

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