Monday 29 August 2011

CBSE Class 12 History Question Paper 2011-12 format changed

Written by Anil Singh

There’s an important news for students in any part of India, taking CBSE class 12 History examination in the session 2011-12 and onwards. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has made significant changes to the format of the class 12 History Question paper.

To summarize the changes --the CBSE has increased the weightage of Long answer questions, and decreased the number of short answer questions – informs CBSE Education Officer Saugandh Sharma.
In the changed format: The maximum marks for a long Answer question have been increased from 8 marks to 10 marks. The word limit for answering these questions has been increased from 250 words to 500 words as well. In the ne format there will be two questions of 10 marks each.

In the short answer section: The number of questions with 2 marks has been reduced from 5 to 3 questions.

In the new format, there will be 8 questions of 5 marks each. There will be two map questions of 5 marks each.

The new CBSE Class 12 History Question Paper changed format will look like below:

3 questions_________2 marks each_________Total 6 marks
8 Questions_________5 marks each_________Total 40 marks
Passage based Questions________3-4 questions per passage________Total 24 marks
2 map Questions_____5 marks each__________Total 10 marks
2 Questions _________10 marks each_________Total 20 marks

Section-wise breakage:

If one divides the three sections Indian history: Anciet, Medieval and Modern Indian History, then the section-wise brakage goes like this:

Ancient ________25 marks
Medieval_______30 marks
Modern________35 marks

Difficulty-wise breakage:

Easy Questions______30 percent
Average Questions____50 percent
Difficult Questions_____20 percent

The Question paper has been divided in to five sections/ parts, the details of which go as follows:

First Section __________3 questions of 2 marks each.
Second section________8 quesstions of 5 marks each.
Third Section_________2 Questions of 10 marks each.
Fourth section________Passage based questions of total 24 marks.
Fifth Section_________2 map questions of 5 marks each.

All those CBSE class 12th students, who have to take history examination in 2011-12 session (current session), are advised to make their preparations based on the new format.

[NOTE: Kindly confirm this format change with your History teacher and School administration.]

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