Tuesday 20 September 2011

Uttarakhand's new boost to Jatropha fuel has a Kiwi inspiration

Written by Anil Singh

Uttarakhand Government's latest decision to give its Biofuel dreams another leash of life, is particularly inspired by the breakthroughs in recent years in the field of biodfuel in Newzealand. In 2009, the European country, successfully flew a jet plane on a blended fuel having 50 percent Jatropha oil (an oil extracted from the seeds of the Jatropha or Ratanjot shrub) and 50 percent conventional fuel. More on the Kiwi experiment in the video below:

In the same year, Japan Airlines, became the first Asian Airline to fly its jet plane on a blended fuel with 50 percent bio-fuel, originating from mostly camelina, jatropha and algae. Main ingredient Camelina oil, a second-generation feed-stock, mixed with jet fuel, grows in rotation with wheat crops. What is good about the renewable bio-fuel is that it produces no harmful CO2 emissions. The use of biofuels becomes more viable when oil rises to $70 a barrel and above.


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