Wednesday 16 November 2011

Students not taking Internal Assessment Seriously: DAV PG College Dehradun

Written by Anil Singh

The internal Assessment/Evaluation may be new to many PG students in DAV College Dehradun; but that doesn't imply any student should take its importance lightly.

According to DAV College Administration -- although most students are appearing in the Student Evaluation/ Assessment tests; the attendance is still not cent percent; making the college infer  that some students are still not serious about the Internal Assessment/Evaluation program. A scenario not very good, when the marks got in Internal Assessment/Evaluation tests will contribute 40 percent weightage in the final result.

Internal Assessment/Evaluation Program:

Implemented after the Semester System came into existence; under the IA/E system, the performance of a students will be evaluated/assessed at college level for each paper as well. In  each semester, a student will have to appear in two internal Assessment/Evaluation Tests.

For each semester, the final result will have 40 % weight age of the IA/E tests conducted at College Level + 60% weightage of the final semester examination conducted by the University.

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