Tuesday 7 February 2012

Raman Footela of Kichha Nainital fought illegal encroachment for seven long years

Written by Anil Singh

Illegal encroachments in any locality give heartburns to any legal resident; But there are a very few residents, gutsy enough to rise up against such overnight occupiers.

Raman Footela, a resident of Kichha Nainital, is one such iron man. Not ready to tolerate illegal encroachments in his home city, Mr. Footela, an ordinary citizen, battled illegal encroachment for seven years, paving the way for nearly 500 illegal buildings to be demolished in Uttarakhand.

In the video below, Mr. Footela shares his crusade against illegal encroachments in his city; A crusade which meant braving both rich and powerful:


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