Wednesday 18 April 2012

Cure for Baldness will be available in Next 10 Years

Written by Anil Singh

Does receding Hair line, affect the male confidence?

Appears that, it does.

I still remember, how a very talented and successful friend; once said gloomily, he feels bad for his hair loss. I told him, not to feel so; as his life and career graph is inspiring to any one; irrespective of whether he has a crowing glory or a bald head.

In short, it seems that baldness or a receding hair line affects male confidence.

And the news of some cure for baldness; is always a feel good moment.

So lets share one such feel good moments today:

A cure for baldness, is coming soon. Claim a team of scientists who for the first time grown hair on hairless rodents in the laboratory.

A team at Tokyo University of Science has, in fact, achieved the breakthrough by implanting follicles created from stem cells into the skin of the so-called bald mice which eventually grew hair.

This is for the first time researchers showed that hair follicles can be grown with adult stem cells.

According to Prof Takashi Tsuji, who led the study, Their current study thus demonstrates the potential for not only hair regeneration therapy but also the realisation of bioengineered organ replacement using adult somatic stem cells.

The researchers plan to start clinical research within three to five years, so that an actual treatment to patients can start within a decade.

No one should be disheartened to know that the cure for baldness will take another ten years to reach to them -- As even when the cure will be available; the Pharma commerce will ensure that the cure comes at a steep money -- So that, first of all the parties team to the development, can make some money. A money, beyond the reach of a common Joe.

So interestingly, the baldness scenario for a common man, will remain almost the same, as it is today.

Fact: No matter how much you try; Males can't stop a receding hairline (Hair line going up and forehead becoming wider by each decade). As male hormones silently ensure that the hair line recede a few millimetres every ten years, beginning from 20s. The characteristic hair fall in men; makes a 'W'; where in, compared to the centre, the hair line recedes faster on the two sides of the forehead. Other reasons for more than normal hair fall is either some fungal infection or heredity (baldness is in family). If later is the case; then "Sit back, Relax and Say All is Well".

[Anything factual made in this post is for information purposes only. You should always clarify any facts with your Doctor.]

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