Wednesday 12 September 2012

Yoga Pants entangled in Patent War

Written by Anil Singh

Although Yoga makes you calm and can call this the "Yoga Pants War".

Lululemon's Astro Yoga Pants
High end Yoga pants maker, Lululemon Athletica Inc., is accusing Calvin Klein and manufacturer G-III Apparel of infringing on design patents for the yoga and running-gear maker's popular $98 "Astro" pants (so called slimming pair of yoga pants). In a complaint filed in federal court in Delaware last month, the company claims that Calvin Klein is selling pants that "have infringed and are still infringing" on three patents, including one for a distinctive waistband featuring overlapping panels of fabric. Notably, Lululemon was awarded one of the patents last year, and the two others in June this year.

So will the suit be able to provide new weapons for the industry to wield against copycats while bolstering Lululemon's dominant position in high-end yoga apparel. Only verdict will tell; but intellectual-property law experts say the suit represents a new approach at a time when there are few legal protections for designs on apparel.

Don't know what a $98 Lululemon's Astro Yoga Pants offer, but they may have something innovative which they want to protect.

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