Thursday 11 October 2012

What Low Voter turnout in Tehri Lok Sabha By-Poll indicates

Written by Anil Singh

The voting percentage for Tehri Lok Sabha by poll is just 43 percent. What does this indicate.

Normally, lower voter turnout points of anti-incumbency; that's a vote against the incumbent (who holds the seat immediately before the election). In such a situation, Saket Bahuguna can be the incumbent and hence the vote could be against him.

But, there can be another scenario too. A scenario, where a section of voters of the BJP candidate Mala RajLakshmi abstained from voting. The possible reasons for it could be her Nepali origin and very visible professional incompetence, when compared to Saket Bahuguna (Here it's important to note that people normally don't vote on traits like professional and educational competence. This is more true for the supporters of ideological parties like BJP). But one thing which is important to mention here is that Uttarakhand has previously shown strong regional biases. And when Hindutva is pitted against regional affiliations, people are seen opting for the latter.

Anyways, the result will be out by noon Saturday, October 13, 2012. So lets wait and watch.

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