Wednesday 10 October 2012

Why you can't make Education mandatory for Politicians?

Written by Anil Singh

The followers of right wing political parties like BJP, always assert that “There should be some educational eligibility for contesting elections”. This is practically IMPOSSIBLE thing to do.

The reason for this are:

When people vote, they vote on considerations, which easily defeat the traits like education and professional qualifications. This applies even more to the supporters of ideological and exclusive political parties like BJP; who simply vote on the "ideological Questions" (The questions which are at the foundation of the political party). Hence, no matter how educated and professionally astute candidate the opposition party fields; a BJP voter will always vote for BJP's candidate. The latest example are the Saket Bahuguna and the Queen RajLakshmi in the Tehri Lok Sabha By-Poll.

Interestingly, this situation is not very different from a staunch Congress voter, who votes for Congress, only because he/she doesn't want BJP to come in power.

But, one thing differentiates the two political parties: Congress supporters are easier to trade sides, and vote for SP, BSP, or any other political party...and even BJP; than a BJP voter doing the same.

The Reason for this is: Parties like BJP pointedly exploit the inherent insecurities of humans. They know how to make a group/religion in a society think and act like a minority. To accomplish this they use patriotism, restricted religious views, rituals (Animal slaughter ban on Uttarakhand Hills is a part of the ploy), hatred towards other religions etc.

In short, If you understand the wisdom: It's easier to make a person insecure -- then you understand the entire thing.

Same ploy is employed by Congress and SP, with the minorities.

It's easy for a person, to confuse the other with gimmicks like “There should be some educational eligibility for contesting elections”. But what is important is to tell the truth.

And the truth is: A Voter in India, votes on considerations other than the traits like education and professional qualifications. These traits are used for value addition only. But they seldom define the voting.

Just wait for the Tehri By-poll result; and you will see this reflect in the result.

Education, be it professional or conventional, can never become a defining factor in Indian elections, at least for some years. And that is not bad after all. As studies have proved that education can assist in leadership; but is not a prerequisite. Hence, you can't make Education mandatory for Politicians. For educational competence, there are bureaucrats.


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