Sunday 2 December 2012

ATTENTION! Your Blocked/Suspended LPG Cyinder Connection May be ACTIVE!

Written by Anil Singh

UPDATE 04 December 2012, 9:19 AM ---> In Today's Hindustan, there's a report. The report says that the Gas Distributors in Dehradun request the consumers to correct their wrong addresses, so that they can deliver the LPG cylinders at the Right Addresses by January 2013. In this regard, they are quoting the recent order of DM Dehradun.

This appears to be an attempt to hide their (Gas Distributors) own illegal actions.

On the original post, published this Sunday (Read it below), brought to esteemed Uttarakhand people's notice, how many "suspended LPG gas connections" are indeed active and how they are being Blacked (sold at Black market). The method adopted to black cylinders from such connections is simple: Just change the Address and Father's name of the consumer; and it will appear as if the legal customer himself/herself has submitted a wrong address.

But, no matter how the Gas Distributors may try, the "wrong address submitted by the consumer" reasoning doesn't hold its ground. Firstly, you never gave an affidavit to change your address (if they say, you did, then tell them to show it to you). Secondly, Just look at your record (present at the link in the post below) and see at other record fields like Refills supplied, Number of subsidized left and amount of subsidy give not you. If you're never given a cylinder since it was suspended, then who took those Cylinders.

------------Original Article Below Sunday 02 December 2012------------------
Your Blocked/Suspended LPG Cylinder Connection May be ACTIVE! ATTENTION! 

If you have multiple LPG connections at your Address. Then in all likelihood  all except One, would be blocked/Suspended. Now Brace Yourself for the revelation. Your other LPG connections, which you were told to be have been blocked; may indeed be active. And been given to people you may not even know. The cylinders from these connections are being blocked from the past 2 or more years., investigated the matter and unearthed at least 45 LPG connections from a single Indian Oil (Indane) Distributor in an Uttarakhand city. The surprising thing is, the legal owners of these connections are not aware of their blocked/suspended cylinder connections are being blacked to others. Even more surprising is that: They still believe that the said connections are blocked/suspended.

UttarakhandProtal assumes that the number of such connections will go in thousands, if not in Lakhs.

How to Check the Current Status of Your Indian Oil (Indane) LPG Connection:

Step 1:

Step 2:  Go to the above page and you will find two boxes on the page. Go to the Right Box named, 'Transparency Portal Quick Search'. Fill your Customer id (In Hindi 'Upbhoktta Kramank' and cane be found your LPG Book) and Distributor Name (Just Typing Your City name and a drop down menu will show the list of distributors from your City (You can choose your distributor from the menu with a single mouse click). Customer Type is Domestic.

Step 3:  You will reach a page where you see a List. On the Top there 's a Search Field. Search for your record, by searching for your Consumer No. .

NOTE: In Case you don't find your connection at the above page. Then look for it in Multiple Connections Link on Top. There suspended connections are Listed.

If You have difficulty in getting the info, Then Email us your Gas Distrubutor name, City, Customer ID, Address and Your name to: . 

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