Saturday 5 January 2013

11 Lakh to Unmukt Chand proves Uttarakhand's Inability to develop own Stars

Written by Anil Singh

To be honest, I may be criticizing the Uttarakhand Government's decision to honour Unmukt Chand (11 lakh Cheque handed over to him a day ago); but that doesn't mean, anyone is harboring ill feelings for the young lad. His achievement is praiseworthy.

Actually, my criticism is the way, Governments misuse the public money.

Yes it's a gross misuse. The reasons is: Unmukt Chand's success as a cricketer has nothing to do with Uttarakhand. He may have his roots in Uttarakhand, but he lived in Delhi, had his schooling there, learned his cricket there and even represented the Cricketing bodies there. Uttarakhand comes nowhere in the picture.

That apart, Uttarakhand may be desperate to have stars from Uttarakhand; but that doesn't mean it should fill its quota of stars this way. Discreetly speaking, 11 Lakh to Unmukt Chand proves Uttarakhand's Inability to develop own Stars all this while.

Actually, if the Governments in the past 10 years would have tried; Uttarakhand would have its own born and brought up stars by now. They may not be Unmukt Chands; but they would certainly be stars in their own respect.

But, unfortunately, Uttarakhand chooses to hand over bulk money to Dhonis and Chands. Imagine, what would be the scenario if the same money is spent on the Sports-persons sweating day in and day out in Uttarakhand.  Leave other things, these Uttarakhand sports-persons not even get adequate diet and supplements. That apart  if money would have been spent to develop Sports culture in Uttarakhand Schools; the kids would have been more healthy and happy (All they need are a couple of bats, balls, skipping rope and a football).

It's high time, Uttarakhand see itself as a capable and confident state; and try developing and encouraging its own stars. No matter if they are small compared to Dhonis and Chands.

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