Saturday 5 January 2013

Soumitra Bhuller's Election to NSUI Uttarakhand President, raises some questions

Written by Anil Singh

Before going ahead, let be clear on one thing. The jurisprudence provided by Indian Constitution,

"Sees any Accused person as innocent unless culpability is Proved (he/she is proved as a culprit, or the wrong doer) in a Court of Law".

Hence mere accusations (cases filed) on a person, neither make him/her condemned; nor restrict him from participating in activities which are open to any citizen.

Hence, when Federaton for Advanced Management of Election (FAME) set aside the complaints filed by Saurabh Behad against Soumitra Bhuller's election as NSUI Uttarakhand President; some serious question arise.

Notably, Saurabh Behar challenged Bhuller's election on the grounds that the latter has many criminal cases against him. The accusations, which FAME upon inquiry found baseless. FAME upheld the election and declared Bhuller as the NSUI Uttarakhand President.

The Questions raised by the Issue:

As said above, Indian Jurisprudence, sees an accused innocent unless culpability is proved in a Court of Law.

But still the issue raises some important questions.

One is: What kind of Body FAME is? Does it have real Powers? And What inquiry it made to absolve (in Hindi 'Bari') Bhuller of the charges?

Second is: If politicians (even at College Level) fabricate cases against and though someone else, on each other, all the time; then what kind of Criminal Investigation system India has?

This also begs answer to a Question: What kind of politicians the country has, who either fabricate cases on the rival OR if the cases are Real, then do actually indulge in Criminal Acts?

A System -- where politicians don't think twice, before fabricating criminal cases on each other Or an ordinary citizen doesn't think twice, before fabricating cases against a politician-- needs serious thinking. If this appraisal is not done now, then every time cases are registered on some politician; he/she will call them fabricated and politically inspired.

Citizens need to raise these Questions.

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