Tuesday 1 January 2013

30 Days Science Behind New Year Resolutions!

Written by Anil Singh

Last five days of the Old Year are tricky. Tricky, as they send people to Thinking Modes, wherein people start evaluating their Lives in the past 360 days. The main part of this evaluation process are the resolutions. These resolutions meant for the new Year; can encompass almost anything. But one thing which is common to these resolutions, is that, they relate to the area,where the incumbent found himself/herself lacking the previous year.

Hence people make all sorts of New Year Resolutions (promise to self to act with resolve) to be acted on from January 01 (2013!). These include: Losing Weight, Exercising regularly, Studying Regularly, Quit Smoking, doing Yoga, Quit drinking, save money, be more articulate, be more hardworking etc.

But for some reasosns, these resolutions seldom become successful.

There are Two reasons for that:

1) The Date: Normally people want to act on their resolve from the very first day of the new Year, that's January 1. But this makes the success remote. Why? as people normally need time to settle into new Year. There's much socializing taking place a couple of days into new year (January 1-5). People normally get settled in new Year, only after January 5 or January 10 or January 15. Hence, if one makes the beginning date for Resolutions as January 5, 10 or 15; he/she is more likely succeed in his/her resolution.

2) 30 Days Rule: Science says, if you do a thing without break for 30 Days, it becomes a part of you. It becomes a habit. People lose their resolve much before that.

May you succeed in your New Year 2013  Resolution .

Happy New Year!

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