Sunday 30 December 2012

Beware, Your Gas Agency could be wrongly taking Home Delivery Charges

Written by Anil Singh

The disparity between the LPG Cylinder Demand and Supply numbers, allowed gas agencies dupe you for years now. And since no one is complaining, there's an easy going for these Agencies.

One area where most of the Gas agencies are wrongly charging the consumers is the Home delivery Charge on the cylinders.

UttarakhandPortal investigated this matter at three gas agencies and found that, even when consumers picked up the cylinders from godowns or agency offices, they were charged with the Home Delivery Charges.

This may be happening in other Gas Agencies in Uttarakhand as well.

What is the Rule:

Home Delivery Charges can be taken only when the LPG or Gas cylinder is delivered at your doorstep. If you pick the Cylinder directly from agency offices, you need not to Pay the Home Delivery Charges. If they charge Home Delivery Charges, even at the Agency or godown or at a common delivery Point, other than your Address or the locations you gave them for your convenience, it's illegal.

This is a Big money minter for the agency, as on the official website, irrespective of where they delivered the Cylinder, the status shows "Home Delivery".

Notably, legally an Agency earns a profit of 10% on every cylinder.

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