Friday 11 January 2013

Single Fee for UTET 1 and UTET 2 Exam 2013 GO Passed

Written by Anil Singh

Single Fee for UTET 1 (class 1st to class 5th) and UTET 2 (class 6th to class 8th) Exam 2013 GO Passed.

Uttarakhand Government has decided NOT TO CHARGE two separate Application Form fee for UTET 1 and UTET2 exams 2012. The GO in this regard has been passed. And if you go to buy the form today then you will have to pay Single Fee for both the UTET1 and UTET2 application Forms. Before the GO, the candidates applying for both the exams were paying separate fee for the two Application forms.

NOTE: How the Government plans to refund the money to those who have already paid separate fees for UTET1 and UTET2 is still unclear. The Government has said that, the mechanism for the REFUND will be announced soon.


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  • nikhil says:
    11 January 2013 at 17:05

    sir, kya cm ko har baat hungame ke baad hi pata chalti hai