Tuesday 8 January 2013

Stop shedding crocodile Tears about Women Safety... We have No Police

Written by Anil Singh

Uttarakhand Road Transport corporation started on Monday, two City Buses, on two routes. The buses will depart from ISBT at 8:00 PM after small time intervals. The buses are URTC's attempt to help people travel safely in odd hours. The two buses will ply on:

1) ISBT-Railway Station-Clock Tower-Jakhan- onwards
2) ISBT-ByPass Road-Rispana Pul-onwards

The two buses are a welcome initiative. And will help people who visit Dehadun from near Capital areas.

That said, many media reports are criticizing the service for the absence of security in the Buses.

They are demanding an armed Police constable in these Buses.

An Armed Police Constable is not a Big deal right?

No, Wrong.

It's a Big deal.

As Uttarakhand Here and India in General has acute shortage of Police personnel.

That apart, Indian police is badly equipped as well. Even criminals have better arms than Indian police.

Amid all this concern about Women Security in the State and in the country; we are missing an important factor. India's Police.

As a consequence, we Indians are barking on the wrong trees (means interfering and demanding wrong things from the Governments).

Without doubt one thing which we must be demanding is Better Police, More Police and Better equipped Police. For that we need to push for police Reforms.

If You disagree, consider this Scenario:

Suppose, 10 citizens among us, including you, are assigned the one day role of a Police constable, with clear directions to make the city crime free for 24 Hours. and following every rule in the book. For that you are given a cane stick and an outdated gun. You have no modern body armor, no modern vehicle. Your day time Duty place is a place where hundreds of people assemble and night duty place is a desolate road plied by hundreds of speeding vehicles. You're alone at such a place. The duty is 24 Hours (or it's perceived like that).

How effectively will you be able to safeguard the City and do your Duty? Tell you, you will fail miserably. Not because you don't have the desire and patriotism, as portrayed by Anil Kapoor in movie Nayak; but because  you don't have the means to fulfill your duty well. That apart you are acutely restricted by Human element (you can't do a 24 hour duty 7 days a week.)

The scenario will look exaggeration;  but this is the exact position of Indian Police at present. We have just One police personnel for every 1000 citizens. How can this ensure safety; if the country has 120 core people.

You as a law abiding citizen may see the police Constable an epitome of Power, but see that constable from the eyes of a criminal, Powerful and Rich. They see that police constable as dirt -- Who has no means either to safeguard him/her or the public. That's why criminals, Powerful and Rich, don't think twice before breaking a law or committing a crime.

Let I explain why Indians should demand -- a Police as capable and as resource rich as Indian Army and such a move is in favor of the citizens:

1) There's psychology involved: It's often seen that, even educated young men and women in the country, oppose any move to empower police, simply on the grounds that -- a more powerful police will treat the public more badly.

To tell you, there can't be more foolish assumption than this one.

But since, even young intelligent people in the country believe and assert this; that's why this myth needs to be shattered.

Actually, A more empowered police will be more humane (in Hindi "maanaveeya") to the public.

Why? As the psychology says that -- People who behave badly with fellow people, do so as they are insecure and feel unsafe from inside. Indian Police feels the same. The reasons for this are outdated weapons, inadequate manpower and too much political interference.

Science says that when a person feels insecure,

A) he makes his body look bigger (walk with expanded chest)
B) tries to dominate the weak
3) become utmost friendly with the Rich, Powerful and Criminals; if he/she has to deal with them.

All three traits are seen in Indian Police:

A) he makes his body look bigger (walk with expanded chest)
B) tries to dominate the weak (petty thieves and citizens)
3) become utmost friendly with the Rich (and well connected), Powerful (politicians) and Criminals.

If you want to read an interesting analogy, then read it here.

Hence, without seconds thoughts lets push for a more powerful police.

2) Governments do the politics of Inadequacy:

It will look strange to some, but in countries like India, Governments do the Politics of inadequacy  For instance, they are aware that India is short on Police; but they choose not to act on any thing to empower it. The reasons are, if it empowers it, it breaks the police-politician Nexus. Police politician nexus works only when Police is weak. Acknowledging a weak and insufficient police, helps this nexus as, it funnily makes Safety of Citizens Secondary and Nexus activities the primary. Add to this mix the lack of autonomy in Indian Police and you will see that Police can never work independently as tools like promotions and rewards are always in the hands of the politicians.

Police Reforms encompass these points as well. So lets push for it.

3) Uniform makes People honest to their duties: Ever thought why Law Enforcement has uniforms? Or why we used to go to school in Uniforms? The reason is: Uniforms make people Honest to their Duties. That makes them accountable. Movies, popular TV and literature may be depicting Police as a criminal,  but they are not. At any time 99 percent of crimes in a society will be committed by citizens. Hence, like it or, citizens are more safe in the hands of Police. But for that we need more police. Talking of Positives, it will generate Jobs too.

It's time intelligent young men and women adequately guided by Seniors, should demand a better and more police. The route is Police Reforms. The Police Reforms have seriously recommended the Governments of the past and the present to empower police, train them to be more humane, take police out of political strangle-hold etc. But Governments will not move an inch, unless we ask the right Questions.

PS: Most of the times, the demand for more police, gets derailed into a political debate. Like remove police from the security of politicians and powerful. This debate suits governments. As somewhere deep within, every citizen is convinced that a big politician and big person, needs more security than a common citizen.  And after the initial shouting, citizens stop complaining. Actually the right view here is to see 'police in security of politicians and big people' as essential; and ask for more police for citizen safety.

PS: One area which is often not seen as a function of Police are the Fire and Rescue activities. As a consequence, every time a child falls into an un-manned bore-well; Army is called and media shouts praise for the Army. Actually these are the functions of police (think logically who is geographically near, Army or Police?) . But call it selfish motives OR we never asked for these; Indian Police is never given essentials like Helicopters, Boats, adequate Fire stations, vehicles etc. A must for a modern day living, which has both internal and external emergencies (like a terrorist attack). As a consequence, at the time emergency, Indian Police can't do anything; even if it tries.

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