Wednesday 8 May 2013

Rishikesh to flag off third phase of Anna Hazare's Jantantra Yatra

Written by Anil Singh

Things have changed a lot for Anna in the past one year. To the extent that many are wondering if Anna Hazare's crusade for corruption free India is still there. From the look of the events, it appears he's still on the path. He may not be giving statements to the media, but he's still active. Last month, he appealed to the villagers in Punjab to make their villages autonomous. In another rally in Amritsar, further back in past, in March or February, he appealed to the audience to be ready for the second freedom struggle. In February, he addressed to foresters. In another event, around the same time, he failed to draw out Hyderabadis.

Now the news is: Rishikesh in Uttarakhand will flag off the third phase of Anna Hazare's Jantantra Yatra.

Third phase of Anna Hazare's Jantantra Yatra to flag off from Rishikesh on May 13, 2013:

Anna Hazare will launch the third phase of his Jantantra Yatra on May 13 from Uttarakhand's Rishikesh. Jantantra Yatra's Uttarakhand convenor Vinod Singh said that the decision on the third phase was taken at a meeting of its office-bearers and activists in Dehradun on Monday.

In case you want to know more:
Second Phase of Jantantra Yatra will begin on May 11, 2013 from Ganganagar in Rajasthan.
The first phase began from Amritsar on March 31 concluding in Dehradun on April 16.
According to the Uttarakhand Convener of Anna's rally, the third phase would not only create awareness among people against the corruption being encouraged by state and central governments but also about the need to enact a right to recall law to recall corrupt representatives from democratically-elected at all levels right up to the parliament.
According to him, The Right To recall legislature is necessary as it will enable the country to suitably punish corrupt representatives if their involvement in corruption or in any unlawful activities is proved.
Notably, Uttarakhand Jantantra Yatra unit, along with the supporters will also trek to India's last village on Indo-China border in Chamoli district called Mana during his visit to Garhwal division. Anna Hazare will also stay at a guest house at Kausani in Bageshwar district where Mahatma Gandhi had stayed during the freedom struggle (and wrote the preface of the book "Anasakti Yog"). The yatra will pass through different far-flung villages, towns and cities in Garhwal and Kumaon divisions. It will come to end with a huge public meeting by Hazare at Udham Singh Nagar.

What to look for if you attend Anna Hazare's rally at Rishikesh or choose to discuss it later:

People like Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejrival attract people. People are attracted to such personalities as they appear to be epitome of Selflessness, honesty and integrity. But whatever the looks tell you, don't follow them unquestioningly. Why? As whatever philosophy we adopt, affects us.

For instance, suppose you are doing engineering and aspire to get a good job in some multi-national company. If you start believing in Swadeshi (that's home grown companies) then you're actually telling your mind that foreign or multi national companies are bad. If such anti foreign or multi-national mindset sinks deep in your psyche, you will not be able to prepare yourself well for a job interview at these companies. You will in a way develop a bit unenthusiastic view towards such jobs.

Another example here can be, Imagine you believe in leadership abilities in top achievers; and then someone tells you all politicians are thieves in white robes. If you unquestioningly take this assertion, then your mind not only makes a negative image of politicians, but it also makes a negative perspective towards the very trait (virtue) of Leadership.

Another example can be: Imagine a job where you are to work with multi-ethnic,  multi-caste, multi-religion or multi-national colleagues.  What if you are always suggested, taught or indoctrinated to see people as individuals with caste, religion etc. loyalties. In such a case, whenever you find yourself in such a work environment, you either will silently harbour preoccupations (mostly negative pre conceived thoughts) about your fellow colleague or will want to move out to a group which conforms to your caste, religion etc. loyalties.

All these are not the right mindsets, especially when you as a young man or woman want to achieve something in Life or live a productive life. For instance, suppose you believe Baba Ramdev's logic that to bring black money back to India, the Government should stop minting (in hindi "mudra chhapna") Rs. 1000 notes. Baba Ramdev's logic here is, if you stop minting 1000 Rs notes, it will become difficult to carry big money transactions illegally. Now imagine that you happen to attend the Civil Services interview, and on the question on how to tackle corruption, you give Baba Ram Dev's logic. You will find yourself in a soup (tricky situation) as you have actually not researched the veracity of Baba's solution and followed it blindly.

What to look for if you attend Anna Hazare's rally at Rishikesh or choose to discuss it later:

The idea is to question everything influential personalities say. Any person with a young mind does so. The right questions are those which compare an assertion with your knowledge, your goals and your logic. So before believing anything which Anna says from podium, test the veracity of the assertion.

For instance, if he says the root cause of all evil in the country are politicians (or a particular political party), then ask:

Is he making too vague a statement?

Is he hiding his real agenda?

Is he acting as a disguised mouth piece of some particular political party?

Is he getting too critical unnecessarily?

Are his solutions Anti development?

Is he providing half-baked (poorly researched) solutions of important porblems?

Not dragging the article any further, leaving you with this quote from Francis Bacon, renowned Thinker, to ponder over:

Read not to contradict and confute, nor to believe and take for granted but to weigh and consider.

-- Francis Bacon


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