Wednesday 12 June 2013

Politicians over 75 should not contest Lok Sabha Polls: BC Khanduri

Written by Anil Singh

There's something with BJP's BC Khanduri that he never fails to portray him Whiter than White. Amidst all the controversy surrounding LK Advani's PM ambitions and Narendra Modi's elevation to the top job; Uttarakhand's BC khanduri has opined that Politicians over 75 should not contest Lok Sabha Polls.

Calling the opinion as his personal view, Khanduri told media that -- Politicians over 75 must stop contesting Lok Sabha Polls and instead be nominated to Rajya Sabha, country's Upper House.

With all fairness to logic and impartiality -- Mr. Khanduri's opinion is simply ignore-worthy.

There are reasons for it. Try answering the questions below and you'll realise how shallow and partial Mr. Khanduri's statement is,

Q. What if a person is Physically fit, even after 75? ....... LK Advani is an Example

Q. What if a person is Mentally sharp, even after 75?.......LK Advani is an Example

Q. What if a person has willingness to contest an election and the required public support to win the seat, even after 75?.......There are many leaders, who are capable in this regard.

Q. What if a person enter politics after retirement? ....In this case he/she will take at least 10-15 years to be able to win Lok Sabha Polls.

Q. Who told us that Less Age means more Competence? .......If Age is the only criteria, then Rahul Gandhi is about 20 years younger than Narendra Modi.

Q. What about Experience, which comes with Age?

Q. Mr. Khanduri may be over 75 now, but only a couple of years ago, he literally staged a coup in Uttarakhand BJP to become the CM. What was that?

Mr. BC Khanduri's yesterday's statement is a partial one. It has nothing to do with barring 75 plus politicians from the Lok Sabha. The statement is actually meant for showing solidarity for Modi's elevation to the Central stage.


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