Saturday 19 October 2013

Adulterated Milk PIL up for October 25 Hearing

Written by Anil Singh

A PIL against adulterated Milk in India, filed at the Supreme Court of India, is up for a October 25 hearing. You will be aware of the PIL, as it's extensively been covered by both the local and national dailies. The PIL is filed by the petitioners SWAMI ACHYUTANAND TIRTH & ORS. (represented by Advocate Anurag Tomar) against UNION OF INDIA & ORS. …the RESPONDENTS.

The PIL is being heard for more than a year now; and in the latest hearing, held early this month, one of the respondents, the Uttarakhand Government filed in the Court a Counter Affidavit responding under oath to the questions raised by the petitioners, the actions it has taken or takes to check the adulteration and the areas where the claims made by the petitioners fell short.

Calling most of petitioners' claims founded on a shallow ground

In the 16 pages of counter affidavit, the Uttarakhand Government states the actions it takes to counter Milk adulteration, and the latest status on the milk adulteration in Uttarakhand. In addition to this, the respondents also called the petitioners many claims shallow based on the report cuttings published in various newspapers.

To what extent such a claim is valid, only the Court can decide. But going into the details of the latest hearing one feels that both the respondents and the petitioners are justified in their arguments. While the former can put under oath only those things they are actually doing or have recorded; the petitioners are guided by the bigger cause of public health.

Will keep you updated on the adulterated Milk PIL.


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