Wednesday 16 October 2013

BJP collecting its Cardholders to politicise Dhari Devi!

Written by Anil Singh

This morning, hundreds of kilometres aways from Dhari Devi temple; people are busy boarding buses, Jeeps to Dhari Devi. These are BJP cardholders visiting Dhari Devi on their party's call. The idea is to show their strength and opposition to the displacement of Dhari Devi Temple.

You may argue my assertion; but this is exactly what is happening. In a day or two, you will read in newspaper reports of apolitical faithfuls staging a protest and possibly a jagar (an all nighter in praise of God) in Dhari Devi temple. To tell you, this is nothing but killing the genuine demands of the Locals in Dhari Devi Area. To tell you, this is downright fraud.

What dos BJP want to prove?

Collecting BJP supporters from every nook and corner of Uttarakhand and outside, to stage a fake support for Dhari Devi is BJP's way of snubbing the genuine wish of the locals. The locals want dam to get the opportunity to get compensated for their submerged land & property, and be rehabilitated to better cities like Rishikesh and Dehradun, where they and their children can get a better life. What is wrong in that demand? Every person has a right to grow and get a better life for self and his/her family; why sabotage their efforts to do so. Pahadi Log kyun achhi life na Jiyein? (In English: Why Hill People being denied a Better Life? )

On contrary, what is BJP's agenda in supporting the Dhari Devi!

Simple to make this country one big Vaishnav country (where people just pray Ram, Krishna and forget about Local deities like Narsingh, Bhagwati, animal sacrifice in temples and forget about all the local Uttarakhand culture, which our forefathers created for us). Are we Uttarakhand people (or Hill People or 'Pahadi log') that foolish to allow that to happen? You decide.


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