Monday 16 December 2013

Narendra Modi Spoke Unnecessary in Dehradun's Shankhnad Rally

Written by Anil Singh

BJP PM candidate Narendra Modi's Shankhnad Rally at dehradun's Parade Ground yesterday saw Modi at his Rhetoric and Prophetic best. In a desperate effort to connect to every possible voter group, Modi not only tried to motivate the not so bright Uttarakhand-ites (pahadi log), but also tried to tell them how fool they had been to choose Congress in the latest Uttarakhand Assembly Polls.

 Modi has every right to speak what he wants, but still most of what Modi said yesterday was unnecessary and vague. Something which can't be substantiated.

Why I think so?

Let I enumerate why I think so. In a pointed manner...

1) Narendra Modi Comparing Uttarakhand with other new States: 

Mr. Modi told how Uttarakhand has not seen much development in the 13 years of its existence. He compared Uttarakhand with BJP ruled Chhattisgarh.

Mr. Modi forgot some important facts before making such an assertion.

In the 13 years of Uttarakhand's existence, the state was ruled almost equally by both the BJP and the Congress. Half the time it was Congress, half the time it was BJP. In addition, from 2000-2004 when BJP was ruling in the Centre, Narendra Modi ji was the BJP party Convenor for Uttarakhand (in Hindi 'Sangyojak').

Thus is Congress is to blame for poor development of Uttarakhand, then so is BJP.

2) Modi Blaming Congress Government for Poor Flood Relief and clarifying why he left Uttarakhand without Helping the unfortunate Hill people (Pahadi Log) :

Mr. Modi expressed his sadness at the slow relief work at Uttarakhand hills devastated by the July 2013 floods. He also clarified why he left the Hill state without helping the hapless people. The reason he puts forward was the snub by the Uttarakhand Government.

Mr. Modi may be telling the truth. The Congress Government may have snubbed him. But still, does that mean he can throw at people just Rs 2 crore (in comparison, Uttar Pradesh CM Akhilesh Yadav contributed Rs 25 crore) and fly away with him, the Gujarati pilgrims stranded in Uttarakhand.

Let I give you a real incident and you decide whether Modi was right in leaving Uttarakhand at the midst of a crisis.

On my way to Dehradun on December 04, 2013, a guy in a motorcycle by the side of the highway at Doiwala stopped me. In a friendly manner, he waived at me and told how he stopped there to say hello to me. He said (these are his exact words), "Maine kaha arey yeh to bhaiya hain, chalo namaste bol doon" (I English: I said to my self, see this is brother, let I convey my greetings to him.).
I told him, I didn't recognize him. To this he aid, he is a civil contractor, and he has seen me many a times in my city, where he's currently building some houses. He then disclosed, why he's stalled at the road side. He said his petrol ran out and he forgot to carry his wallet.
I asked him, where he has seen me. Rather than answering my question, he asked me, where I live. I gave him the name of my city. He said, it's the same city he's constructing Houses. I offered him some petrol. He asked for money. I told him, I've 100 Rupees in my pocket and I can give him Rs 50. He insisted, I give him the entire 100, and promised me he'll return it as soon as possible. After all he's undertaking construction in my city. I had enough petrol in my scooter, hence I gave him Rs 100. He left.

Many of you will see me as a fool. I respect your opinion, if you see me as one. But in that situation, I thought differently. I knew from the very beginning that the guy didn't know me. I also know he had no intention to return the money. I thought so for following reasons:

A) Whatever he knew about me, he gathered that information from my answers.
B) When I offered him petrol; he demanded money. The point where he stopped me and the place he claimed to live (that's my city) can be covered with 300 ml of petrol.
C) When I told him, I've only 100 rupees, he must have told me to lend him just Rs 50. Instead he asked for the entire 100.

I knew from the first second the person was a liar, crook and a person with no empathy. He displayed nothing which makes someone human. But I still handed over my only 100 rupees. Why? As I'm not like that. In addition, I've stumbled many human beings who are like me.

Once on the middle of the highway, my petrol ran out. A guy in his thirties stopped on his own and asked me how he can help. I told him the reason, he volunteered half a litre of petrol. I offered him the money for the petrol. He told me, this is a small help from one human being to another. Today he helped me, someday someone else will help him.

That day, I helped him with the same thought in mind. In addition, if a person says he's in need, why I unnecessarily suspect his intentions.

Whatever Modi say, claim or promise today, he ditched Uttarakhand people at the time of need. Actually he NEVER wanted to help Uttarakhand People.

3) Reminded people of BC Khanduri's Lokayukta : 

Modi never instituted a Lokayukta in Gujarat. In addition, the Lokayokta of Uttarakhand as proposed by BC Khanduri ji is a sham. Just ask yourself, how powerful a lokayukta can be, if he/she has to submit every report to the CM; and impartial he can be if it's appointed by a collegium of the CM, Leader of Opposition and Chief Secretary.

4) Speaking For Baba RamDev : Is it justified to defend someone, only because the persons wears a saffron robe and happens to be your vote bank?

Support and opposition to something must be above votes and support groups. Narendra Modi and his party can't oppose Srinagar Hydro Power Project simply because Dhari Devi Temple will be submerged, or support Baba Ramdev only because he curates votes for you.


No one is saying, BJP is not capable of development. No one is saying BJP's PM candidate is not worthy. He can be. But it's wrong to see other person or party as incapable or the other person's or party's work as dirt. That apart, you can only substantiate those claims and promises, which your previous acts and previous track record support. You can't do nothing, and then have the audacity to make tall claims and preachings.

It's high time Narendra Modi and BJP stop acting as a vote hungry entities. After all you can try to lure everyone, but the voter is not a fool. They clearly see the difference between hollow words and genuine empathy.

Narendra Modi Spoke Unnecessary in Dehradun's Shankhnad Rally. He must speak less.

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