Wednesday 1 January 2014

Lets Support Amar Ujala's Beti Hi Bachayeingi Mission!

Written by Anil Singh

On the very first day of 2014, i.e. January 01, 2014, Amar Ujala greeted its readers with a full page poster of "Beti Hi Bachayegi" Mission!

Congratulations to Amar Ujala for taking an issue many media houses are safely ignoring. As a fourth pillar of an evolved society, media must have the courage to take on issues which get least societal support. Amar Ujala has proved time and again that it has courage to be the flag bearer on such issues.

Although, I don't totally agree with the name of the campaign: "Beti Hi Bachayegi" (Only Daughter Will Save).

The title must be asexual: "A Child, whether Boy or A Girl, Makes Parents Happy".

On the very first day of 2014, lets make a resolve, that we will...

  1. Not Kill our unborn daughters.
  2. Criticize those who practice female foeticide (whether our friends, family or doctors) .
  3. Give our daughters good education and a free mindset (so that when she becomes a woman and a mother herself she sees a child as child, dissociating the gender.)
  4. Lets Men be Men in true spirit... Men who love woman ... as their mothers, wives, sisters and daughters.

Remember only an insecure man complains of having daughters, or an outgoing and confident wife. A Confident man knows he's capable of raising a child, whether be a daughter or a son. He also knows it's not necessary to agree with mother all the time. He also knows, it's also wrong to disagree with wife all the time.

Remember, a Girl or a Boy, a Child gives the same satisfaction to True Parents.


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