Thursday 6 March 2014

No DIET in Uttarakhand gets affiliation for DElEd

Written by Anil Singh

A set back for young men and women in Uttarakhand who are planning to do DElEd from one of the DIETs in various districts of Uttarakhand. The NCTE has released the list of Institutions recognized by NCTE to conduct DElEd (Diploma in Elementary Education) Courses in the academic year 2014-15, and unfortunately no DEIT in Uttarakhand managed to get the affiliation to conduct the DElEd in the academic year 2014-15. DIET is District Institute of Education and Training.

Since the last date to get the DElEd affiliation and recognition from NCTE is already over (March 03, 2014); hence all those Uttarakhand students who want to do DElEd will not have to move to other states to do the Diploma in Elementary Education.

The DIETs in various districts of Uttarakhand can now get the recognition from the NCTE for Academic session 2015-16 i.e. next year.

The NCTE List 2014-15 for the Northern Region has recognized 298 institutions for academic session 2014-15. Out of these 81 institutions are recognized for DElEd and 217 institutions for BEd.

States Closest to Uttarakhand where NCTE recognised DElEd instutions are present 

Uttar Pradesh, Himanchal Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab.

DElEd made mandatory for Primary Teacher posts from April 01, 2014 onward

As per the new rule, after 31 March, 2014 only those candidates who have passed the DElEd course will be eligible to become primary teachers in Uttarakhand Schools (as per recent NCTE rule, under the Right To Education Act or RTE Act). 

Right now, that's before March 31, 2014  BEd and TET qualified candidates are eligible for the PRT posts.

NOTE: Irrespective of whether the Uttarakhand Government goes ahead with its plans to release notification for DElEd, we suggest you to do DElEd from any Institution in Uttarakhand only when it's recognize by NCTE.


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