Saturday 21 June 2014

Uttarakhand People ! Beware of these Supplement selling Health Camps!

Written by Anil Singh

Supplement makers or distributors or marketers with the names such as Well Science are actively trying to sell their Health supplements in Uttarakhand. You will get one or two pamphlets along with your newspaper every other day. You should be beware of such companies!

Method of operating or functioning 

Knowing that these health Supplements require something to piggyback on; these companies are promoting these Supplements in the guise of Health Camps (Guise in Hindi means "Roop dharan karna") and panacea for all diseases (panacea in Hindi means "Ram ban aushadhi").

In simple, whenever one of their marketers tells you that a health camp is being organised in your locality or village to cure the ailments such as arthritis, pain in neck, back & joints, weak bones (osteoporosis), high blood pressure, diabetes, addiction (smoking and drinking) , obesity (in Hindi 'Motapa') through Ayurveda & naturopathy, then there is a high probability that the Health Camp (Swasthya Shivir) is just a sham (in Hindi 'Chhalawa'). What these people are trying to do is sell their Supplements in the guise of the Health Camp.

These supplement makers have Multi-Level-Marketing schemes as well, hence many people like you and I , are also also working as their marketers or agents. Hence, for the sake of your health don't believe these panacea claims even when the person inviting you to one of these health camps is your friend , neighbour or some familiar face.

Health Supplements !

Studies have shown that many of these supplements have steroids. Steroids are chemicals which give a sense of general well being. Steroids are not bad, but they can only be taken when prescribed by a well qualified doctor. Prolonged use or irresponsible use of steroids can have serious irreversible consequences on the body.

Since India doesn't have stringent mechanism to regulate the advertising and promotion of these supplements, hence supplements are being advertised without any inhibition.

To conclude, don't visit these Supplement selling Health Camps. If you are suffering from any ailment, then visit a well qualified Doctor.

PS: Many young men are taking Supplements like protein shakes etc. to get a well endowed body . Beware of these supplements sold at Bodybuilding hubs (Gyms) as well. These bodybuilding supplements are loading with steroids as well.

PS: People assume that Ayurveda has no side effects. This assumption is not true as well.


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