Thursday 3 July 2014

BSc Admission Forms in SGRR PG College Dehradun selling like Hot cakes!

Written by Anil Singh

Sri Guru Ram Rai or SGRR PG College Patel Nagar Dehradun is emerging out as a serious BSc degree destination.

In just two days of the commencement of the sale of BSc application forms, 600 application forms are sold. Notably, there are 540 BSc seats in the SGRR PG College.

Sri Guru Ram Rai PG College Dehradun is simply extending its legacy of SGRR Education trust, where the quality of students can be average or below average, but the quality of teaching is usually excellent. The Education Trust for years now may be recruiting teachers at low salaries in its schools, but it's taking hundred percent work form its employees. The same trick when applied to PG College is paying rich dividends.

With such a craze for SGRR PG College BSc admissions, one can assume that from now onwards the quality of students will be excellent too.

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