Sunday 21 September 2014

BEd becomes Unattractive in Uttarakhand : BEd seats in HNBGU, Sri Dev Suman University remain Vacant!

Written by Anil Singh

For how long can one dupe students in doing a professional course without any job prospect.

First that happened with Engineering degree across India (15 Lakh engineers coming out of colleges every year with only 40 percent employable and even less actually getting the job) , now it's the BEd's turn. And as said, a professional course becoming unattractive is quite understandable.

In 2014, nearly 65 percent BEd seats in colleges affiliated to HNB Garhwal University are vacant. For Sri Dev Suman University the number of BEd seats still vacant is even higher, 78 percent.

In Government Colleges, the first BEd counselling managed to fill just 90 seats. 3000 seats are still vacant.

Out of the 1320 Government seats in the 26 private colleges affiliated to HNB Garhwal University, only 292 got filled.

The blessing in disguise which came out of this love loss, is that now only those young men and women will do BEd who really want to make teaching as their career. There will be much LESS disappointment and heartburn for these aspiring teachers, as their heart will be in teaching. A very different situation from now, where even a person aspiring for Police SI job, is doing BEd.

This will also stop the blatant commercialization of any education.


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