Saturday 20 September 2014

Re-registration in IGNOU | IGNOU FAQs

Written by Anil Singh

Before explaining to you the Concept of Re-registration in IGNOU. Please understand the following: re-registration in IGNOU1) Every IGNOU Programme or IGNOU Course, can be completed in a minimum and a maximum time period. For instance, IGNOU MBA can be completed in a minimum period of 2 years and a maximum period of 8 years. This is to make IGNOU MBA more flexible to learners, who often have irregular study schedules due to jobs and other engagements. 2) Every IGNOU Programme has three different Fees.

IGNOU Programme or IGNOU Course Admission fee

This is the one time fee you deposit at IGNOU Regional Centre, at the time of taking admission in IGNOU. At the time of admission, the amount you pay also includes the registration fee for the first four or five credits/papers/subjects (or papers in the first semester or first year subjects).

IGNOU Examination Fee

Other fee you submit to IGNOU is the Examination fee.This is in addition to the IGNOU Programme admission Fee (Point 1. above). At present it's Rs 60 per IGNOU subject/paper/credit. This you submit before the IGNOU TEEs or Term End Examinations that take place in June and December every year.

IGNOU Registration Fee for a Paper/subject/credit

Registration of an IGNOU Paper/subject/credit is valid for just two years. For instance, say a learner of IGNOU MBA, took admission in January 2014. At the time of taking admission in IGNOU MBA, he/she got registered for first four papers -- MS01, MS02, MS03 and MS04. Thus his/her registration for these four papers is valid upto December 2015 TEE (2 years). Suppose, the learner is unable to pass any one or all of these four papers even up to December 2015 TEE, then he will have to re-register for such papers. Re-Registration means depositing registration fee once again (right now it's Rs 1500 per paper). Once re-registered, the learner will get another 2 years to pass the paper(s). The good thing is, since IGNOU treats re-registration as a fresh registration, the learner will again be dispatched the study material for the reregistered paper(s) at his/her postal address. One can re register for one or multiple papers , during the entire maximum duration of the programme. For instance, for IGNOU MBA, the maximum duration to complete the MBA is 8 years.

Re-registration in IGNOU | Answer of IGNOU FAQ (Frequently asked Question)

The registration for any IGNOU credit/subject/paper is valid for 2 years. For instance, if a learner registers for four papers in March 2014, then he can appear in TEEs for these papers up till I gave Dec 2015 Term end Exam. The rule is simple : Sum up 2 years from the semester of your registration. Say a learner took admission in January 2013. Then his/her initial registration is valid till Dec 2014 TEE only. After that he can re-register for the paper for further two years. It's not necessary for immediate re-registration:  Suppose, your two year registration for a paper ends in December 2014 TEE. But you don't think, you will be able to prepare for the paper in June 2015 TEE. Then don't worry, IGNOU doesn't want continuous re-registration. Re-register only when you are prepared to crack the exam. Thus in the example given here, the learner can re register for the paper before December 2015 TEE or later TEEs. In short, there's no need for continuous re registration. Although do take into account the maximum time period given to you to complete the IGNOU programme. For instance, suppose a person takes admission in IGNOU MBA in June 2014. He can complete the IGNOU MBA till June 2022 TEE (8 years maximum). Suppose he doesn't clear a paper till June 2021 TEE. Then if he re-registers for such a paper in October 2021, then he can't claim further 2 years to complete the paper. As his IGNOU Programme completion time period ends in June 2022 TEE itself. Hope, the concept of Re-registration in IGNOU is now clear to you.

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