Thursday 21 April 2016

Death of Horse Shaktimaan and a moment of Introspection

Written by Anil Singh

Finally, the horse Shaktimaan in Uttarakhand police Service met its end yesterday.

It is being reported that while undergoing a minor surgical procedure, the horse died because of anesthesia over-dose.

Whatever be the reason, it may not the most suitable end to an animal meant to ride on the winds, but still an end is an end. A horse not able to pace up with the World can't survive either. So whether Shaktimaan is deliberately put to eternal peace, or was it the case as reported, doesn't matter now.

So lets leave the horse there.

But it's surely a time of introspection for anyone, who keeps swearing by the tenet of non-violence. Especially swears by non-violence during peaceful protests.


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