Monday 5 September 2016

Uttarakhand must also better Work Conditions for its Police

Written by Anil Singh

A couple of weeks ago, Uttar Pradesh Government decided to give a mandatory 'Day Off' (Work Off or holiday) after every 10 days of duty to its Police force personnel.

The decision must be appreciated.

The Police Forces in India are much burdened and do need some sympathetic work conditions. It's not sufficient to complain about Law and order when the police personnel doesn't get adequate rest.

The Police conditions need to better even more. Much better than giving a 'Day off after 10 Days of Duty'.

Only when we give our police, humane work conditions, we will be in a position to demand note-book policing by them. That's the citizen rights such as : Police interrogation under Video monitoring, arrest on real grounds, no use of 3rd degree, no arrest without warrant etc.

Right now, with no fixed work hours and conditions in place, we simply put ourselves at the risk of Police High handedness.

The state of Uttarakhand must also do something to better the work conditions of police. If Police job is strenuous, then giving them mandatory two days "Work Off" can even be a better option.

The steps such these will not only make the Police more vigilant and hence accountable. It will also generate jobs for Youth.

Right now Police to Citizens ratio in India is very poor. And there's real need to recruit more Police.  


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