Wednesday 7 September 2016

Pension for 'Jagerias and Dangariyas in Uttarakhand' ... and Unemployed Youth!

Written by Anil Singh

Read about the Harish Rawat led Uttarakhand Government's plan to give Rs. 1000/- per month pension to 'Jageriyas and Dangariyas' of Uttarakhand. To the uninitiated, 'jagariyas and dangariyas' are equivalents to 'Shamans'.

The Government has already classified 1000 such 'Jageriyas and Dangariyas' in Uttarakhand.

As many among us are very sensitive to this issue, I will not call it a mockery; but there must be some counter thinking over the Government decision.

First, if Uttarakhand is the 'Devbhumi' or the "Land of the Gods", and if Shamans are an integral part of its culture, then How had the Government created a list of 1000 Dangariyas and Jageriyas?

What useful or learn worthy, shamans give to the society? If Shamans can help people improve their lives, then so does astrology (Jyotish).

Thousands of educated young Shiksha Mitras, BEds are fasting for jobs for years now. Aanganwadi workers (Bhojan Matayein) and Asha workers are also working at palty wages. Unlike Shamans, these people have real potential to improve the lives of society.

If the idea of giving pension to Shamans is votes, then nothing can be said.

If the idea is to bring vibrant Uttarakhand culture in the form of lively Shamanic performances for tourists from India and abroad; then why not treat them as actors and pay them per performance.

If 'Jagerias and Dangariyas' in Uttarakhand are real part of Uttarakhand culture then people of Uttarakhand themselves will support them.   


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